Valley Voices Residents Association

Our Purpose:

• The establishment and organization of a community group to represent, promote and advocate the interests of the residents of the Shelter Valley area in the Townships of Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe, County of Northumberland, Ontario, Canada.

• To advocate and obtain public support for the preservation of the scenic and natural beauty of the Shelter Valley area and its environment;

• To assist government and the public by providing information and research relating to the Shelter Valley area;

• To promote the historical significance of the Shelter Valley area;

• To co-ordinate outdoor team building activities of the Corporation with those of similar organizations, societies and individuals in Canada;

• and such other complementary purposes as are not inconsistent with these objectives.



Latest News

How To Provide Elders With The Right Nutrition


When it comes to proper home health care, proper nutrition is in arguably one of the most important aspects. In order to ensure a perfectly optimal level of senior care, the following things should be consistently included and all elders’ diets (with consideration of unique allergies and dietary tolerances).

Three Ways a Trash Compactor Can Save You Money

Most businesses use general waste removal services from a local waste management company, and some also have a recycling program established to minimize waste removal needs. Because waste removal is addressed through local services, you may not consider investing in compaction equipment. After all, you can simply request additional pick-up service if your business generates more waste. While this is one option to consider, the reality is that a trash compactor can save your business money on a regular basis. With a closer look at how the use of compaction equipment can benefit your business, you may be ready to invest in this equipment today.

Three Ways Waste Disposal Bins Help You to Prepare for a Move

When you are preparing to move out of your current home, a bin rental can facilitate that process. Bin rentals are a convenient and affordable solution to your need for efficient disposal of household items that do not fit into your regular trash container. Waste management companies can deliver a useful bin right to your driveway and then haul it away for you when you are done cleaning out your home. Consider these three ways in which waste disposal bins can help you to prepare for an upcoming move.

How to Save Money on Furnace Services

Whether you have plans to call a local heating company for furnace repair service or for a new furnace installation service, you understandably want to save money. Having a functional furnace is a veritable necessity because of the importance of climate control in your home throughout the winter. Because of this, when breakdowns and other issues occur, you simply must call for furnace repair service at a moment’s notice. Paying for unexpected expenses such as this can be a burden to your budget, and you may be looking for a great way to reduce the cost of services.

How to Make Dentures Last Forever

How can I make my dentures last forever? This is a question that many patients are heard asking their Oshawa dentist. A set of dentures is fabricated to last for about five to eight years. However, recent research has shown that they can last for 17 years or more.

Should You Care for Your Aging Relative at Home or Use a Retirement Home?

Many people enjoy having the blessing of seeing a loved one reach an advanced age in life, but with this blessing may come with the incredible challenge associated with their care. There often comes a time with the elderly when they are no longer able to live independently. Some may require a little extra help during the days with chores, but others require around-the-clock assistance because of mobility or other issues. One of the most significant challenges related to this is finding residences that are well-suited for their needs. Many people debate heavily between moving their loved one in with them or looking for Sienna Retirement Homes Ottawa that meet their needs. Before you finalize your decision on this matter, consider these points.