Should You Care for Your Aging Relative at Home or Use a Retirement Home?

Many people enjoy having the blessing of seeing a loved one reach an advanced age in life, but with this blessing may come with the incredible challenge associated with their care. There often comes a time with the elderly when they are no longer able to live independently. Some may require a little extra help during the days with chores, but others require around-the-clock assistance because of mobility or other issues. One of the most significant challenges related to this is finding residences that are well-suited for their needs. Many people debate heavily between moving their loved one in with them or looking for Sierra Retirement Homes Ottawa that meet their needs. Before you finalize your decision on this matter, consider these points.

Available Space in Your Home
It can be a true challenge to find a room or unit available in an assisted living facility or long term care facility, and many of these care centers can cost a small fortune. With these two facts in mind, the easier solution may be to move your loved one into your home. However, consider the space you have available in your home. Many elderly people have mobility issues, so placing them in a space with a lot of stairs is not ideal. In addition, they may need extra safety features in the bathroom to keep them safe. Even if you have a spare bedroom on the lower level of your home, you still may need to make some upgrades to make the space safer for him or her.

Your Work and Personal Schedule
If you are looking for retirement homes that simply offer help with a few chores, such as getting groceries and assistance with housekeeping, you may easily be able to accommodate your loved one in your home. However, if you are looking for nursing homes that provide around-the-clock care, you may not have the time available in your current schedule to provide the level of care you need. An alternative to this is to use in-home care inside your home, and this may be more affordable than nursing homes.

The Care That Is Available Outside the Home
Now that you have thoroughly analyzed what it will take to move your loved one into your home, it is important to explore the options available outside the home. First, list out the services that your loved one needs, and this will guide your decision about which type of care facility to use. Then, start looking at facilities closest to your home, provided you are also located close to medical centers. In many cases, you may be able to put your loved one on a waiting list or be lucky enough to find a great room available in a facility near your home.

While making the decision about how to care for an aging loved one is rarely easy to do, it is critical to how they will spend their last years. Take time to thoroughly think through the pros and cons of both options, and consider exploring Sienna Living retirement homes available to learn about the options outside your home.

Image Credit: TheBalance