How to Select the Right Air Conditioning Contractor

Happy Male Technician Repairing Air Conditioner With Screwdriver

Since air conditioning contractors are not the same, mastering the concept of selecting the right HVAC contractors is very important. Unfortunately, there are many crafty handymen out there with a truck and few tools who claim to be legitimate HVAC contractors. Hence, you ought to be very careful to avoid being duped by scam repairer.


Due to the bad rap about the existence of rogue repairers masquerading as legit HAVC repairers, doing some research is extremely very important. As you research, make certain that you verify the licensing, certification, experience, and qualification or reputation of the contractor before booking any appointment. There are several sources that you can use such as phone book directory, online search engines, friends, and family members.


Be wary of fake contractors who try to convince you that he or she can give you a bid over the phone because he has dealt with similar air conditioners before. A legit technician should examine the air conditioner extensively and consider other underlying factors before giving you an estimate. The technician should look at factors such as type of insulation, windows, and registers per room when assessing your unit. Moreover someone who claims to offer estimates over the phone is either inexperienced or just wants to get the business without necessarily using the time and gas. Established contractors always take out their time to do a good project that satisfies their clients’ needs. A technician cannot give an estimate without conducting your Manual-J inspection.

Replacing old with new

Just as is the case with car models so is the same with air conditioners. A well trained contractor should give you various options of newer models of air conditioner that are more efficient instead of replacing your old HVAC that has probably lasted for 10 years with the same type of unit. Moreover, selecting the proper size is more important than the make and model.


Although experience is a vital factor, it’ isn’t a guarantee that you’re choosing the best expert. Technology has been advancing steadily over the past decade and brought with it several changes in this profession. Therefore, a good air conditioner repair should keep updating himself/herself by doing regular training sessions about air conditioning developments. Ascertain that the technician is using modern day technology like zoning and high-tech equipment in executing his projects. If you would like to learn more, there are more resources available at Climate Experts.


Choose a contractor who is licensed by the Contractors State License Board. A credible licensed HVAC contractor has to be an expert in handling other things such as plumbing applications, electrical systems, and gas lines.